The Ultimate Fantasy: Garden Swing Bed

During a warm Spring day or a chilly Summer night, you only need one thing: to relax. And what other place is better to spend your free time than in your beautiful garden? If you are trying to incorporate furniture in your garden, keep in mind that the items you wish to place should be mostly important comfortable. There’s nothing more comfortable than a hanging bed with lots of pillows to improve the level of comfort. There are many ideas from where you can choose. In this article, you will find how to choose your hanging bed and how to make your own swing bed.

Choose wisely the materials

You have many options in terms of materials; however, wood is the main choice among customers who wish to purchase or make their own garden swing. The wood fits perfectly in the garden. Furthermore, it is always in style. Some among you may think that its maintenance is quite complicated. In fact, not at all, because all you have to do is to give it a coat of varnish to protect it from the harsh weather.

Make your own swing bed

When it comes to creating your own swing or hanging bed, there are a multitude DIY projects from which you can choose. You will find many helpful and easy tutorials on the internet. However, make sure you take all the safety measures needed and that you have someone around that can help you in need.
An easy DIY project consists in recycling wood pallets. You will need: pallets, drill, screw, saw, rope, lumber and of course a cozy mattress. The mattress is particularly important as it will determine how comfortable your swing bed will turn out to be. Therefore, check out some mattresses reviews and choose an affordable yet comfortable mattress.

DIY pallet swing bed instructions

Start by measuring the size of your mattress in order to determine how many pallets you need to use for this project. If you already ordered your mattress and it is on its way, you can look for the measurements on the website where you read the mattresses reviews 2015 that determined you to choose your mattress. Then, slide the lumber pieces through each side of the pallets to get some support and use screws to secure it into place. The next step consists in drilling some holes in all corners of the pallets and to thread the rope through the holes. Next, you need to tie firmly the rope to the tree and the base of your swing bed is done. All you have to do next is to fit the mattress on top of it. Speaking of the mattresses, this is actually an important component that must be chosen carefully. You’ll spend a great amount of time laying on it and that’s why you must make sure your mattress is comfortable. A latex mattress is the perfect choice for a swing bed. Not only it is resistant to bacteria but it’s also easy to clean.