Spooky Plants that Will Spice Up Your Halloween Party

In the last couple of years, people have been focusing way too much on Halloween costumes and they haven’t been giving much attention to the decorations. This year, we have a great idea for you. If you want to do something special for Halloween, don’t just settle for the latest Halloween costume ideas for couples or for groups, but organize a spooky party with some unique decorations. Add a supernatural and spooky touch to your Halloween parties by decorating your house with indoor plants that have bizarre names, weird shapes and strange colors. You don’t have to invest excessive amounts of money in Halloween decorations or spend a lot of time trying to DIY. Take your decorating skills to the next level with these 5 indoor spooky plants.

Venus flytraps

You have probably already heard of Venus flytrap ( Dionaea muscipula), a spooky plant that grows indoors. One of the many characteristics of this plant is the fact that it’s actually carnivorous. It’s called a Venus flytrap for the simple reason that it traps flies and starts sucking the nutrients out of its prey. Spooky enough? Place this plant on a balcony near a light source because it needs bright light to develop.


Sarracenia is another carnivorous plant that feeds on insects. This plant looks elegant but don’t be fooled by it’s appearance. This plant lures bugs only to swallow them shortly after. The nectar of the plant is highly addictive for bugs so they simply get right in. This plant can cause you no harm but it’s fun to have it placed near a Venus flytrap and tell your guest more about them. Be sure to place it bright light so it doesn’t die out after a while.

Spider Plant (Chlorophytum)

Spider plants can also be used to decorate the house for Halloween. These plants have long “spider legs” so make sure to place it in a hanging pot near a light source. If you want to make the plant more spooky, use some fake web and tiny spiders to decorate the hanging pot or basket. Even though this plant looks a bit creepy, note that it has purrifying properties. This indoor plant can clear the air from harmful contaminants that may cause allergies or irritations.

Tacca chantrieri

These black bat lilies can definitely make an impression on your guests. Place several pots of Tacca chantrieri on the table or a shelf and if you prefer, add other creepy small decorations, such as spider or bat figures. This plant has an unusual appearance due to its log stemmed flowers and it needs some maintenance work. Indoors, keep the Tacca chantrieri in low light/shade and water often.

Stanhopea tigrina

Orchids are very beautiful indeed, but this specific orchid has a spooky appearance and a short life span. Stanhopea tigrina has flowers that can last for up to three days so make sure to add to your party room when it’s bloomed. The smell is sweet but in an enclosed environment becomes almost oppressive. When it comes to growing Stanhopea tigrina indoors, make sure to have it in a shady area, away from hot sun.

With the plants presented above, your party will be the delight of your friends. Besides, you can dress up like a genuine Poison Ivy and use an carnivorous plant like your side kick. We guarantee that this will be better than any of the 2015 Halloween costume ideas for couples.