Gardening business currently, is very profitable, and the number of firms in the industry continues to grow. In fact, the business has grown so much that it now encompasses everything from companies that offer home décor solutions to stores that provide tools for a DIY conservatory. Some gardening enthusiasts have even launched their own blogs where they share their gardening experiences with others, make product reviews or offer tips and tricks on how to complete gardening projects. So, if you know how to make a DIY conservatory and you are no stranger to garden tools, here are a few things that you should know about starting your own business in this field. There are not only ordinary stores, but also online stores that started to appear on the market with competitive prices. When it comes to gardening equipment and products, there are plenty of options and alternatives on the Internet. You can find the best home and garden gifts on specialized websites or you can visit large general stores that have a wide selection of products including gardening tools and accessories. You can also be one of those successful websites selling gardening equipment online.

To start off the gardening business, now, it takes at least 30000-40000 Euros. Who wants to open a garden design company, needs, primarily of machinery and gardening tools. Such a company needs at least nine to ten employees.

To fully satisfy the claims and the demanding of customers, companies should have prepared domain specialists to offer advice, to make designs, to arrange and maintain gardens. A company that offers design and layout garden, primarily should be consulting the client. Talk to him about the garden area and how the client would like the garden to look. It is important to provide them with information on how and where the plants, shrubs, trees and flowers were grown, and any customer will be much more satisfied to know that their landscape artist is also the one who cared for the plants. Some businesses, in order to provide a larger variety and have constant products, opt for indoor growing, at least partially; on an industrial level such as this, you have to build a large area or room with lights where the plants can grow. Starting a vegetable garden, or any garden for that matter, requires access to enough room and appropriate climate conditions; for indoor growing, you can do more in less space, especially if you opt for hydroponic or aquaponic systems, which can be arranged vertically as well.

Here, the customer must tell us if he would like to arrange also the playgrounds for children and special facilities for animals. It is also good to know early on where various pipelines pass, to not be needed when the garden is arranged, to achieve changes in the landscape. Also, we can show to the client, if he desire, also some photos of landscaped gardens. Based on discussions with the client, landscape engineer will carry out the project, working draft.

Most companies in this area offer free consulting, few are those who charge for this service between 50 and 100 Euros. Unfortunately, the craze for customers, most companies offer free advice. Thus, if a company would charge for consulting will start with a disability.

After consulting also the design, the next step is preparing the cost estimates, which includes plants and labor cost. If the customer considers that the garden arrangement is too expensive, we can replace expensive plants with more cheap, but you have to make a new working draft.

Regarding the labor, this represents 30 percent of the value estimate. Actual arrangement of the garden is done by gardeners. In 80 percent of cases must be prepared the ground, considering that before you were the builders of the house and the space for future garden looks like after the war. Planting in spring and autumn is cheaper because you can take plant nursery, so you do not need pots and conservation. In summer, however, you should use container plants in pots.

These are few of the steps you should take into account regarding on how to start your own gardening business, because this kind of business can become very complex and can produce a lot of money. After all we all like our garden to be beautiful.