We start setting up the garden with planting in hotbeds or using seeds? Most vegetables grow easily from seed. Some vegetables such as corn, beans, peas, radishes and most other root crops do not transplant well, so that it is best to be planted directly in the garden.

If you want to save money and expand the palette of your garden, then you start to plant the vegetable seeds yourself. Beside the fact that you will know what it is in your garden it is also fun to work with the soil and also learn more about plants. Here’s what to do:

  • Insist on soil quality

Soil for seed deposit must have a smoother texture. You have to look for a soil mix that is sterile, fluffy, to maintain moisture but still allow good breathing.

  • Light needed

Lack of adequate light causes a thin seedling. This is the number one problem that deters people when it comes to Sadi own seeds.

The best light is given by a fluorescent source. This light should stay at 10 inches from foliage and remain lit between 14 and 16 hours a day. The plant should be rotated daily.

  • Monitor the amount of water

Keep the land constantly moist never dry but not soaked. If seedlings are dry, they will return if you wet them, but will not look as before. If you want to know if the soil is wet enough, use the bread test. Soil surface should be as soft as a slice of fresh bread.

  • Fertilization

After the appearance of the second set of leaves begin to fertilize easily. The idea is to use, first, a weak solution, based on fish and algae. You can pour or to make the plant. Just as a child of two months you do not eat steak or chicken plant will not offer anything too strong.

  • Care of new seedlings

Peaks of the new plants to strengthen the strain, for it used to move and prepare it with the breeze outside.

Regarding on how to plant vegetable seeds outdoors you should also know that light makes the difference. Light is another important factor that you must take into account. The lack of a proper lighting leads to a fragile seedling. If you do not live on a proper climate where plants can have enough light you should mount greenhouses. They are very useful for planting vegetables seeds.