For a successful chime, besides flowers, shrubs, decorative elements must be taken into account and the portions of the lawn. Therefore you must give a high enough importance of this element without which no garden would outline, that is why you should know how to plant grass.

When you choose the grass should be taken into account certain factors, such as the idea of arrangement of the respective garden and environmental conditions. That is the premise of learning how to plant grass. Land dedicated to a lawn with grass should have in composition ground with plenty of humus.

Before buying (seeds or rolls) must do a little analysis of the soil, to be noted which is about the amount of precipitation that falls in the area and how many hours per day it is sunny directly. According to these elements you can choose your best type of lawn for your area.

There are several types of lawn, such as dry grass for sunny areas, shade lawn, lawn less high, etc. The best cocktail recipes for growing dry grass includes ingredients such as sunlight, air, water and nutrients.

You should know about how to plant grass that before sowing grass seed or placing coils must do some preparation work. The weeds need to be removed, and to level the ground, and in some cases also the administration that is needed to adjust the level of fertilizer nutrients.

The ready land must be let two weeks until seeding time, during which it should be constantly wet. After these works, the seeds will be distributed evenly then the area is wet, until the grass reaches a height sufficient humidity, it must be monitored.

You will need to pay attention to the amount of water given, because if it will be in excess favors the appearance of weeds. The amount of water is administered so that it penetrate to the grass roots, if water will be less then roots will reach surface and grass will become sensitive to drought. It is advisable that watering to be made in the morning, so as to avoid thermal shock and mildew.

Blades of grass will arise after about seven days after sowing, but you can get a real lawn only after five or six months. After growth, the lawn must be maintained which includes irrigation, mowing and fertilization. Fertilization requires that once a month to be treated with a lawn fertilizer or ammonium nitrate complex, an important ingredient used in the best cocktail recipes for nurturing grass by most specialists.

Once you have learned how to plant grass, you must also learn how to care for your lawn. Needless to say, you will need a good lawn mower. If your yard is very large and it features inclined terrain, consider a riding lawn mower. Using a walk behind lawn mower on uneven terrain can demand a lot of effort and it is a time consuming tasks. On the other hand, a riding lawn mower can handle any kind of mowing conditions and it will help you get the job done several times faster than a walk behind mower.