To maintain your garden beautiful you need to take care of the tools you are going to use every time you are working in the garden. It doesn’t matter if you have the best electric lawn mower; if you don’t care for it, it won’t be useful for long. Most people neglect this aspect and they are forced to buy every spring new garden tools.

Most gardeners do not think that winter can have a negative impact on gardening tools, focusing more on seasonal plants. The premise is, storing and maintaining tools properly in winter can prolong their use. Especially for power tools such as lawn mower that requires some care and storage if you want to use it also the next year. Even the best electric lawn mower needs to be cleaned and have its blades sharpened from time to time.

1. Clean the equipment

Often you will see that excessively dirty persists on pots, shovels, buckets and other gardening tools. Before storing these tools, you have to clean using a wire brush or you can remove the mud by hand after soaking in a bucket of water. Excess dirt or other elements which may contain water droplets can freeze in winter, causing the appearance of rust on some parts of the instruments. Also, mud or dirt that contains bacteria that needs to escape quickly.

2. Remove the rust

Some equipments or parts thereof may already have rust on them. Before storing them in the garage over the winter, make sure that the rust is removed using steel wool. Pay attention throughout the trial wearing a good pair of gardening gloves.

A cut while doing this can cause serious injuries that will lead to infection. Protect yourself during the activities!

3. Sharp the tools

Some tools need to be sharp to use them effectively in the garden activities. Here include spades, axes, shovels and other tools with sharp pieces. Here’s how to sharpen tools properly:

A sharpening stone lets you prepare the tools quickly and can be at hand to any gardener. With this system can be made different degrees of grinding. Each tool is held above the sharp system, and then gradually move repeatedly over the stone. It is a method often used by amateurs and professionals.

4. Check the wood tools

Some gardening tools can have wooden parts that are waste due to frequent use. All these tools you can repair using the system of sharp stones.

These are the aspects you should keep in mind about garden tools. Taking care of the maintenance of garden tools you are taking good care of your garden as well.