If you did not know this by now you can learn how to grow vegetables on a balcony, you just need to create certain condition according to what you want to cultivate. If you have a balcony which is always sunny then you can start growing your own vegetables because the main thing they need in order to grow is full sun. You should grow vegetables because they have a better taste than the ones you get from the supermarket and they are healthier because the ones you buy from the supermarket are full of chemicals.

Here are some tips on how to grow vegetables on a balcony:

  • Take a pot and place a rock inside where the drainage is. This way you will keep the excess out and the soil in.
  • Next add some soil into the pot. According to the type of vegetable you will need different sizes of pots. If you want to grow tomatoes, for example, you will need a big pot because they need a lot of space.
  • Place the vegetable plant in the pot and tap the soil around the plant. If you need to add some more dirt until the plant is set in place. In case you use seeds you should follow the indication found on the back of the bag. There you will know exactly at what depth you should plant them.
  • Water the plants on a regular basis just to keep the soil moist. You can measure the moist of the soil by using a special device. These devices help people not to add too much water into the soil.
  • When you grow plants in pots you need to feed them because they cannot find the same nutrients like they do when they are outside. You should buy them special food and feed them every time you water them.
  • One of the easiest vegetables to grow on your balcony are: beets, radishes and lettuce.

Now you know how to grow vegetables, as you can see it is very easy. If you have the possibilities grow them in your home because they are full of vitamins and minerals. Stop buying vegetables from the supermarket, they are full of chemicals and have no taste. Take care of your body and give it only vegetables that are good. You will see that all your dishes will taste better thanks to them.