If you want to learn how to grow tomatoes we are here to help you. You will see that it is not so hard to cultivate. Tomatoes are incredible vegetables loved by both adults and children. They are very tasty and the difference between the ones you cultivate and the ones you buy from the market is huge.

Here are the instructions on how to grow tomatoes in your garden.

  • The first thing you have to do is buy the tomatoes plants from the nursery. You should get them as soon as the last frost passes.
  • Next you have to choose the site where you want to grow the tomatoes. The site should have full exposure to the sun and a PH of about 7.0. Tomatoes need a lot of sun in order to taste good.
  • Make the soil rich by adding a layer of compost. Tomatoes need fertilizer in order to grow big and tasty.
  • Dig a big hole where you want to plant your tomatoes plant. In each hole add some compost and some egg shells because the plant needs calcium.
  • Plant the tomatoes plants about 18 inches apart because they will grow and they will need a lot of room.
  • If the temperature outside is still cold you should cover the plants with something in order to prevent them from freezing. Once the temperature outside rises you can remove the covers.
  • Place some supports near each plant for support. As plants grow they will grow higher and the tomatoes will make them heavy which us why they need support.
  • Water the plants every week because tomatoes need a lot of water in order to develop properly.
  • Harvest the tomatoes as soon as you see them ripe and beautiful.
  • To make sure that you do not have diseases in your tomatoes change the site where you plant them.
  • Avoid eating any part of the plant except the tomatoes which are very good to eat.

Know you know how to grow tomatoes on your own. As you can see it is not so hard, you just need to follow the steps presented by us. You should really grow tomatoes in your garden because they are chemical free. Unlike the tomatoes you buy from the supermarket these ones are healthier and have taste. So, if you are tired of eating tomatoes that have no taste grow your own tomatoes and you will discover a new taste of your dishes.