Roses are among the most adaptable and flexible plants, but to them or better yet must be found the best place for them.

Important things about how to grow roses:

Light: roses need 8-10 hours / day of sunlight. The morning sun is the most important afternoon light is also important and very beneficial.

Air: air currents make light jogging rain and dew to dry quickly, thus preventing diseases. Summer, too much wind can damage leaves, winter can damage the stems. Defend planting roses near a wall, near a fence or covering them with something.

Drainage: the soil is too wet can cause death rose. To check, dig a hole about 45 cm and fill it with water; it should be empty within hours. If another place is not available, improvised the drainage by digging.

Soil: Few of us have knowledge of gardening as necessary. Luckily, roses are tolerant and all types of soil can be quickly improved with organic fertilizers. Peat moss is the best, but may also use the fertilizer from decaying leaves and other organic fertilizer. Also remove all stones to the depth of 45 cm.

Competition: not planted too close to trees, because they will fight on light, water and food. Also, not planted them where they can accumulate rain, snow or ice.

Access is very important in knowing how to grow roses: grown them where you can see them every day. Not only will you enjoy seeing them, but you can have the best care of them. You will see the first signs of disease and you can treat them. And you will not forget to water them.

It is important about learning how to grow roses to find a sunny area that has at least 4-5 hours / day of sunlight. Not crowd them with other plants or trees. Some roses like those climbing do not like company, but others, do. If you replace an old bush, it is important to remove the surrounding soil and replace it with a new one. A newly planted rose does not like to grow at the same ground where one before was also. Roses can be tricky and finicky when it comes to enhancing your garden decor; a rose bush or shrub can look rather hairless on its own, but you can create a fuller visual focal point by planting other types of flowers around it. Various types of roses can also look well next to each other, just make sure they need similar care and won’t encumber each other’s growth.

Another important tip referring how to grow roses: if you get the root or if you kept it over the winter, you put it in water several hours before planting. If you’ve kept them in jars, no need no need to put them in water. Dig the hole large enough for the root.

Add fertilizer from bones and organic fertilizer. It is a source of phosphorus that makes the root to grow.