Earth gives man the possibility to earn not just food, but also funds for a decent living.

For man remains the only task of effectively exploit the earth trough the already known means by learning how to grow mushrooms. Mushrooms are a valuable rich in nutrients food due to its comparable content with the one of bread, meat, milk, eggs, saccharin, vitamins and minerals.

A big advantage of knowing how to grow mushroom is that it is possible to use existing facilities, which were not given another use. In this category of spaces enter: greenhouses, basements, sheds, storehouses and other buildings and other spaces.

If they are grown indoors, mushrooms have a short period of development, about 100-120 days from sowing to the last harvest. Therefore can be grown throughout the year, in any season, especially in cold seasons, when on the market other vegetables are found in small quantities.

It is a special advantage of learning how to grow mushrooms because you would be able to achieve 2 up to 3 or 4 cycles per year from the same area.

Another advantage of knowing how to grow mushrooms is that they are small plants and in certain periods of development do not need or are indifferent to light, fill small spaces in the quantity of production. For this purpose, can be grown on many levels, making space saving.

From a financial perspective, mushroom cultivation ensure rapid flow of investment funds, which is very advantageous.

Because mushrooms are located near the home, is ensured better monitoring of the activity and time saving.

Mushroom work is varied, not boring nor tiresome. The works are executed in perfect order and cleanliness, hygiene is one of the basic conditions for obtaining high yields.

Another advantage is that mushroom cultivation generally necessary material culture found in every household as secondary agricultural production (straw, chaff, stems, corn, sorghum stalks, haulm of peas, beans, soy) or animal manure mixed with bedding which usually consists of straw, sawdust or sunflower shells.

Works which are executed in a mushroom space requires skill and determination. And last but not least, must be kept in mind that the cultivation of mushrooms conducted indoors, using mycelium of edible known species, removes any form of food poisoning.