If you like Italian food then you should learn how to grow garlic because a lot of pasta dishes are made with garlic. It is very tasty and not to mention very healthy. It is a known fact that if you grow your own garlic and taste it you will never want to buy garlic from the supermarket ever again. The garlic that you see in the supermarket is full of chemicals and has unnatural taste. It does not take too long to grow it if you live in a warm climate.

So, here is how to grow garlic in your garden.

-the first thing you have to do is buy some bulb from the nursery which you will have to plant in the ground before the beginning of the freeze. You have to do this so that in the summer you can enjoy green and mature garlic by the end of august.

-next you have to choose a spot where you will plant your cloves of garlic. This place should have full exposure to the sun and must have a PH of about 6.5.

-add a layer of compost and remove all the weeds and rocks that can prevent the garlic from growing tall and healthy.

-take is clove of garlic and place it in the ground at about 2 inches in depth and 5 inches apart.

-when the plant starts to grow another layer of compost. This will help keep the soil moist and thus encourage the growth of the plant.

-water the garlic on a regular basis, once a week should be enough.

-when the leaves of garlic start to surface from the ground you can cut them and use them in your dishes.

-harvest the mature garlic when you notice that ¾ of it has turned yellow. That is a sign that the clove has reached maturity.

-you should cultivate the garlic in the same area where you plant your onion because they look the same and they require the same conditions.

As you can see it is very easy to learn how to grow garlic because they rarely develop diseases and they do not need much care. If you want to eat healthy and chemical free you should grow garlic in your own garden. You will notice the difference in no time because you dishes will become tastier than the ones you used to make.