How to Grow Exotic Plants

Having a tropical garden can make you feel like you are on vacation every time you step out of your house. Therefore, we advise you to learn all that you can about how to grow exotic plants and recreate your own piece of Heaven. Keep in mind that not all plants have the same needs when it comes to light, temperature and humidity, so you need to offer them proper conditions for surviving. Here are some tricks that will help you enjoy a beautiful garden.

Plant in October

Since most exotic plants can be found beneath palms and tall trees, they receive filtered sun and little light. So, giving that October is a month with cloudy weather, it would be better to build your tropical garden in this time of the year. Furthermore, this rainy season will help your plants grow faster and stronger, but if you want your plants to sprout within only one month, you should consider the following advice:

  • Consider small plants rather than seeds, as they have better chances to flower in the long run. Furthermore, ginger and heliconia develop from a rhizome, so all you have to do is buy them from nurseries and plant them into soil.
  • Use fertilizer to increase the quality of the soil where you plan to build your garden. When planted in soil filled with nutrients, plants will bloom faster than usually.

Don’t allow your climate interfere with your plans

Those who live in a cooler climate believe that they are limited to planting only a small range of plants, which is why most people who want a tropical garden end up with a garden that only has costus, flame lily, ginger and heliconia. If you want to create an outstanding landscape, we advise you to search for a solution to offer your plants the warmth that they need to grow tall and vibrant. We suggest to use a patio infrared heater, because this heating system doesn’t require too much energy to operate. Also, an infrared heater delivers the same warmth that the sun provides us with, so it can represent a great help for plants like gardenias, orchids and citrus trees. You can be confident that once you’ll see how effective an infrared heater is, you will recommend this idea to all of your friends. Moreover, with this type of device, you will be able to spend more time outdoors during the cold season, so you will get the chance to enjoy your garden all year round. If you don’t know which model to choose, the reviews from will prove to be very useful.

Eliminate pest problems

The best way to avoid pest problems is taking preventive measures. Therefore, you must always pull out weak plants unless you want them to infect the rest of your garden. Furthermore, specialists recommend to disinfect garden equipment after working on infected areas, because that way they won’t represent a risk next time you are going to use them.