If you like to cook you should learn how to grow carrots because they are very tasty and you always have them at your disposal. Almost all dishes require the use of carrots so why not grow the carrots in your garden. They are full of vitamins and minerals. As soon as you taste your own carrots you will notice the difference not to mention the fact that they are chemical free a thing which we cannot say about the ones from the supermarket.

Here are some instructions on how to grow carrots:

  • Choose a site where you want to plant your carrots. It should have full exposure to the sun and soil well drained.
  • Remove all the rocks and weeds from the site because the carrots will grow in depth and they need a clear path. You should go as far as 12 inches in depth.
  • Spread a layer of organic matter. This will help the carrots grow healthy and also keep the moist into the soil.
  • Add the carrot seeds in the soil about two weeks before the last frost if you live in an area where there is a cool weather. If you live in a warm area you should plant the seeds in February because the weather is warm enough.
  • If you want to speed up the germination process all you have to do is soak the carrots seeds in some water for six hours. After these six hours place the seeds into the ground.
  • The seeds should not be planted too deep but they should be covered with a thin layer of compost.
  • Make some order on your site and remove all the plants that are too small and leave the big ones which will grow into big carrots. They should be about 4 inches part one from the other.
  • Add compost so that you do not have weeds and spray them with a special tea which will help them fight any disease that can appear.
  • As soon as they turn a dark orange you can harvest them and use them in your kitchen.
  • These carrots are healthier and tastier than the ones you buy from the supermarket.

We hope that we have convinced you that you have to learn how to grow carrots because they are very good and they make a dish taste so much better. Eat chemical free carrots instead of the ones you find in the market.