Asparagus is a vegetable considered a delicacy, which is reflected in its price peppery but also in the rarity with which is found in vegetable markets. However, asparagus is a vegetable garden that can be planted almost anywhere, but its success depends only on the gardener’s skills to take into account certain rules about how to grow asparagus.

First of all, you should know about how to grow asparagus, in order to have a rich harvest of asparagus, you need a soil to drain well and whose pH to be between 6.5 and 7.5. A soil with a pH below 6.0 is inappropriate to development the needs of asparagus and this will be seen by the fact that the vegetable will not develop at all.

Asparagus should be grown in an area where it can enjoy the light and sun at least 7 hours per day. Land located north and west is best suited for growing asparagus, so if possible, plant the vegetables there.

Asparagus can grow with seeds in early spring, but this option is not suitable for amateur gardeners, but only for those experienced with greenhouses and a lot of experience.

During the growth of asparagus, the soil in which is planted the vegetable must be watered once a week, but water should be plentiful. However a good advice about how to grow asparagus, make sure the soil drains easily because the vegetable does not stand to sit too long in a wet soil.

Foreign weeds that grow near asparagus affect the development of the vegetable, so they must be removed periodically. However, after breaking (preferably fall), they burn and leave on the soil that was planted asparagus then add a layer of soil to protect roots from frost.

Also, to protect asparagus, is made an agriculture process which means burying plants in the ground until a certain level.

Two most common problems of how to grow asparagus are rust and rot of the roots. Rust appears as small spots, red – brown scattered all over the vegetable and is spread through the air by wind. Unfortunately, if only one vegetable is affected by rust, the whole culture will be affected.

At the same time, root rot appears as sign that the soil does not drain well enough and the water has access too long to the root of the vegetable.

Harvesting of asparagus is from mid May to late June, before the shoots reach the surface. The process is quite demanding and painstaking, especially as may affect the subsequent development of the vegetable.