Peach tree is a species adapted to climatic conditions, suffering from the winter frost, but can provide higher yields and time constants of 10-15 years. It is very early, 2-3 since entering the fruit after planting, has a large fertility, well differentiated.

The varied ranges can produce and consume fresh fruits for a long time, from late June to late October. Fruits are popular fresh or processed form of compote, jam, juices, nectar’s, etc… In herbal medicine peaches are recommended in the diet of patients suffering of liver, kidney, obesity, atherosclerosis.

Forms a rich peach tree branched root system with roots skeleton thick, oriented parallel to the surface relative majority and some of them penetrating vertically to great depths. Lateral roots extending beyond the 1.7 – 2 times the projection of the crown, and most are spread vertically between 20 and 80 cm. Regardless of the density of planting, the roots peaches neighbors do not overlap.

The part air peach growing rapidly in the first years of life and anticipate that emit 1-3 series crown more stuff and reaching maturity, the height of 4-6 m.

Fruit entry of peach is early flowering tree buds from nursery differentiate realize pretty good 2-3 year after planting.

Temperature, the limiting factor in peach culture, acts differently depending on its positive or negative values​​. Peach tree is demanding heat and not fully adapted to climatic conditions. Overall, it can be stated that good results in areas of culture of grapes and vines. Resistance is relatively good winter peaches, ripe wood trees that are well prepared for winter and no significant loss temperature -22 to -24 ° C, with small differences depending on the variety.

Peach tree is a drought resistant species, even extended, but for high production quality and water becomes the limiting factor. Because the amount of water culture does not exceed 500-600 mm annual precipitation, peach modern culture is not possible without irrigation. In the absence of water, fruits remain small, flattened laterally, with rough pubescent, production was reduced not only quantitatively.

Peach tree succeeds on medium soils, clayey, sandy or even clayey-sands consolidated soils should be deep, fertile and permeable.

You can grow peach tree from seeds taking into account these things that were presented before.  Now you know all these things about planting peach trees, although it will take a while until you will taste a peach but you will be totally satisfied because you saw the tree getting bigger.