Rose bush are known to be hard to care. But after all are only some strains. Some roses require more attention than others, but sometimes even a beginner can grow roses.

  • Steps on how to care for a rose bush

Cut the roses in early spring when they begin to show signs of growth, usually in the form of red bumps. These bumps will become new branches.

Trim any branches that appear injured. Then cut all the stems, leaving only 4 or 5 that seem healthy, all having the thickness of a pencil. The type of hand garden tools that you use for this endeavor is very important, otherwise you might end up hurting the plant yourself. So make sure that among your hand garden tools there is also a pair of sharp trimming scissors or shears, so you can use them to cut the roses’ stems cleanly and without further damage. For example, a pair of shears which is too big could cause injury, no matter how sharp it is.

Cut a rose bush with 1 / 3 or ½ depending on how high it is. Make these cuts over a bulb that is pointing out. Thus the new bud will grow up and out, leaving the center of the rose open, creating a more beautiful shape.

During the growing season you should try to assure them fertilizer. Roses are plants that require more resources and need lots of nutrients to grow and to make flowers. One of the easiest ways is to buy a slow release fertilizer. Otherwise you can apply a liquid fertilizer every 3-4 weeks during the growing season.

Wet the roses regularly. Roses need a regular source of water during the growing season. In arid areas of the country, if you have many roses you can install an irrigation system.

  • During the summer you should do:

Put a protective layer. Rose bushes will have very few harmful plants and soil will be wet if you use a protective layer. Put a layer of 5 cm of organic fertilizer or biodegradable material.

In the case of death heads, dry ends shall be cut to encourage the growth of end November. While some rose bushes bloom only once in June others multiply and bloom throughout the season.

Spray. If your rose is attacked by insects or diseases you may want to solve them spraying various solutions. (But first try to cut then thoroughly clean the infected portion of the plant with water hose). If you choose to spray first identify the problem by cutting the sick and taking it to a specialized center where staff can prescribe the necessary solution.

Many things about how to take care for a rose bush you will learn from your own experience but the steps presented above will help you with the problems that can come on the road.