How to Build an Outdoor Sauna

If you have a house with a beautiful yard that allows you to install an outdoor sauna, then you can consider building one yourself so you can enjoy its relaxing effects. Building your own sauna is actually cheaper than buying one, plus you can build it as you like. To help you through the process, we have gathered some useful details and tips that will guide you in building a safe, comfortable, and effective outdoor sauna.

Choose the best type of wood

When you decide over the design of the sauna, choose something that will blend into the landscaping of your garden, so you will manage to create a harmonious design. One of the biggest advantages is that you can decide on any wood without being forced to choose a particular type. For more inspiration, read some sauna reviews in order to see what wood the best saunas are made of. For example, the best saunas reviewed on the website are made of cedar wood. this type of wood is one of the most popular choices because it doesn’t get hot during the sauna session, like other types of wood do, it has a nice aspect, it is very durable, and it has a natural repellent against termites. If you can’t settle with cedar, the hemlock fir is a great alternative.

Pay attention to the electrical part

The outdoor sauna should be installed near a source of power so the heaters can work and create the right temperature. It’s also good to have a shower or a pool nearby because you will need to cool down after the sauna experience but make sure the electrical part doesn’t get in contact with water. It’s best that you call a professional to do the wiring in order to ensure the safety of the sauna.

Build the outdoor sauna’s wooden frame

Building the sauna’s body is much like building a house for dolls, only at a larger scale and with higher caution. You can have a carpenter cut the wood pieces for you based on a project, and things will be a lot easier. You will need a proper foundation, solid walls that will support the weight, and a strong roof covered in shingles. The interior is also made of wood entirely, even the benches you will sit on, and you will need to build a compartment for the heater to sit in.

Choose the type of heater to use

Once the wooden construction is over, you will have to take care of the heating part, which will require either an electrical heater or infrared carbon heaters. The difference is that the heater get hot and it uses hot rocks to create steam while the infrared heaters emit infrared heat that is more beneficial and comfortable.