Regardless of the season, indoors plants managed to bring us a touch of beauty and colors of nature. During cold season ornamental plants supply is somewhat reduced. Specific climate conditions lead to some species a period of rest, while others continue their unhindered development of vegetation. Plants in the second category, namely those that continue to grow and flourish even in winter, are also affected by environmental conditions, but to a lesser extent.

Exotic plants placed indoors are among the most demanding and must be provided conditions close to the areas of origin. Whether you want to grow summer flowers or annual flowers, you have to provide them with certain conditions in order to make sure they will thrive and be beautiful. In what follows you can see which these conditions are and how they can be adapted to summer flowers, or different kinds of plants, including exotic ones.

Environmental factors – mainly light, heat and humidity – mark their importance visibly on the appearance and development of flat flowers and of course of exotic plants.

Low level the lack or on the contrary the excess of one of the three factors mentioned can cause a plant that is suffering. The most important factor is light. A plant grows and thrives only if it has enough light. Winter sun shines not so much as in hot weather, the days are shorter and therefore the amount of light received is much lower. Therefore many of the indoor species slow their growth and even get rest.

Species and those varieties which continue the state of vegetation need light to grow foliage and flowers. Its insufficiency will be seen by a few specific signs, easily noticed: the yellowing of leaves, the etiolating of (elongation and thinning) main stem and side shoots of the development of small leaves compared to those formed in the summer.

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The most dangerous and harder to offset at exotic plants is the excess of moisture. In combination with a very cold season air inevitably leads to decay and destruction of the plant. This suffering is visibly manifested by at the leaves and their loss. In this context, insufficient light will lead clearly to mold and rapid loss of specimens affected.

Growing exotic plants involves a lot of time and energy. One of the many things you should be aware of when you want to grows exotic plants is the lack of atmospheric moisture. Although affected plants are worrisome the manifestations of (dry leaves or even entire edges, yellowing of leaves and even their loss, dry buds before the flowers open), they can be saved by the introduction of a spray foliage with spray frequency fine water at room temperature. Beware of water you use to spray! Very hard water and a very cold season, especially compared to the ambient temperature in which plants are affected by dryness will leave unsightly marks and can even lead to loss of the young and tender leaves.