Whether you want to send some Mother’s Day flowers or just express your condolences with some funeral flowers, you no longer have to waste time going to the nearest flower shop. You can just access the web and find some online flower delivery shops in your city or country, but, thanks to this new industry, you can also send fresh flowers almost anywhere in the world. When it comes to flower delivery London has countless online delivery shops and they cater to every whim and desire.

People and flowers have a very special connection, they have used and helped and enjoyed each other for hundreds of years now. We like flowers so much that we’ve struggled to create new ones, to beget new models, colors and we’ve even fought to bring certain types of flowers from across the world just so that we can enjoy them. The fact that most of them don’t offer other advantages than their beauty and perfume hasn’t stopped us from growing more and more of them.

Now we’ve also created the possibility of having flowers delivered at home, or at work or anywhere in the world, just so that we can share them all the better. Who hasn’t heard about the Dutch tulip mania from the 1600s when rich people and not only became so infatuated with owning and having tulips in their garden that this flower’s bulbs reached never before and since seen prices. During the Dutch Golden Age, some types of single tulip bulbs would be sold for as much as ten times the annual income of a skilled craftsman! This is how much they were desired, especially if it was a special kind of tulip, like the “Viceroy” who was white with blood-red stripes who could cost between 3,000 and 4,200 guilders. The irony is that what people didn’t know then was that this special “Viceroy” was actually a diseased plant; the bulb had a parasite that made it look like it was something special and unique.

This is how far man has gone to have beauty. We’d probably go to Mars if we knew some special alien flower lives there. Until then, if we need flowers of any kind, for weddings or funeral flowers UK offers some of the best choices on the market. For the British aficionados or any other lovers of flowers London is an ideal destination as it offers countless types of these miraculous, shining plants. Together with Holland, they are among the largest flower exporters worldwide.