Finding the financial resources for my dream garden

Ever since I was little I was a nature lover. My dad used to take me on fishing trips as often as he could and I always had a blast. We lived in a big city, with concrete everywhere around us, so my parents used every chance they got to take me outside the city to breathe in fresh air. This is why I always dreamt to having a house in the suburbs, with a large garden full of trees and grass. That did not happen right away. For many years I was forced to live with rent in the same city I grew up in. For various reasons I never seemed to have enough money to move outside the city, but after I got married, my wife and I finally decided that we wanted to raise our children in a clean environment and offer them the chance to have a yard where they could play at ease. We started to do research about the best mortgage rates in Ottawa and finally we found a mortgage broker who was able to help us buy a home in a very beautiful region.

After having bought the house I immediately started to do the project for my garden. The trees were there, they just needed some pruning, I planted some lawn and my wife planted some flowers and within the year we had a loved green space for the entire family. I find gardening very relaxing. There is always something to do in the garden, so I never get bored of taking care of it. Even simple things such as watering the plants or cutting various branches are some of the most pleasant activities that I have ever done. You have to understand that I have a very stressful job, so anything I can do to take my mind off my work related problems is welcomed. At first we were afraid that we would not be able to get a good mortgage, but our broker showed us some of the best mortgage rates in Ottawa, so we found something that best suited our needs.

We did not have to worry about anything because our mortgage broker took care of everything for us. He showed us what documents needed to be filled out and told us about the entire application process. We tried to do everything ourselves at first, but we were very confused about the entire process and finally we decided to let a professional take care of things for us. Everything worked out great and now I have the garden I have always dreamed of. I find it amazing that I have a green space to spend time with my family and that my children can have what I never had when I grew up. Life in the suburbs is very peaceful and I would not move in the city for anything. I still work there, so I see it every day, but I work far better knowing that at the end up the day I go back to my oasis of tranquility in the midst of my family.