Best Two Stage Snow Blowers

Unlike the smaller single-stage snow blowers that are lighter, easier to maneuver and more suitable for small areas as they can handle less snow, the two stage snow blowers are larger units that can remove larger amounts of snow. These snow blowers work very well on hard surface, are faster on wide areas covered in snow up to 22 inches deep and can throw the snow at a 35 feet distance, which makes them more efficient than smaller units. However, not every two-stage snow blower is a quality and reliable model. So we read as many snowblower reviews articles as possible and we selected two of the best units you can choose from.

Ariens Deluxe ST24LE (24″) 254cc Two-Stage Snow Blower

This is a snow blower powered by a 254cc engine with an innovative Ariens’ exclusive Disc-O-Matic drive system that allows it to easily shift into one of the six forward or two reverse speed, thus you will have no problems in handling the unit. The Auto-Turn steering technology detects the direction change as soon ans you turn and automatically adjusts the power to the inside of the make to ease the turning. The cast iron sleeves on this snow blower not only make it very durable but also make it suitable for use in extreme sub-zero temperatures. This powerful snow blower has a 24” clearing path and it can throw the snow up to 50 feet away to assure that it is out of your way. Besides, the chute can rotate up to 200 degrees with a single push of a lever that adjusts the direction and the height. The large cast iron gear case of this snow blower provides additional power to the auger to assure it will be able to throw the snow even during extreme snowfalls. As for convenience, the snow blower allows you to lock both handles so that you can operate the chute with one hand.

Husqvarna ST330T (30″) 414cc Two-Stage Track Drive Snow Blower

The 414cc engine on this snow blower assures a quick electric start in all weather conditions and a silent operation for increased comfort. The track drive system delivers superior traction control even on hilly areas, making it ideal for steep hills and inclined ground. The heavy-duty ribbon auger and auger housing guarantee efficient snow removal while the covered ball bearings assure a smooth running. This snow blower has a hydrostatic drive transmission that is level-operated both in forward and reverse to improve the maneuverability and the results of the unit. Plus, the trigger mounted power steering makes the snow blower easy to handle in turns. The 30” wide deck covers a wide snow path and the chute that throws the snow can be adjusted side to side and up and down.