Recent research has managed to reveal a truth as old as mankind: the natural environment influences the mind, body and spirit in ways remarkably complex. These studies showed that an environment filled with plants helps people to relax, helps to increase tolerance of pain for those suffering from various diseases and improves mood. Regular exposure to natural environments such as gardens, leads to a rapid recovery after the negative effects of stress. If you live in Newcastle and you have a beautiful driveway created with the help of driveways companies, then don’t forget to add some plants to your home too.

Gardening means passion for a healthy lifestyle. Being around nature is one of the best ways to have a harmonious state of mind. How is that working?

Gardens give us a completely different sensory feedback from the urban scene, experts say. Some therapies use plants to restore health, mental status or other problems.

  • Color and fragrance

Another important conclusion reached by researchers is that colored flowers are more effective in reducing blood pressure than green plants. This is because of the visual and olfactory stimulation which flowers produce by their colors and fragrances, managed to distract the viewer, removing the thoughts or worries that is provoking stress.

  • Mental stimulation

Gardening has the ability to delay the installation of diseases such as Alzheimer’s, say some Neurophysiology. It is an excellent mental stimulation that requires sophisticated brain activity. Learning a new type of activity such as gardening, help build and develop new neural connections.

  • Physical activity

Plant caring is beneficial for the body and also in other ways, especially because it offers the passionate motivation to exercise regularly. All that effort for digging, raking or watering the garden plants help to loss of a significant number of calories.

  • The feeling of accomplishment

Because gardening brings us closer to nature inspires us patience and contemplation. Responsibility for a lifetime, even if it is a plant has a strong capacity to make us feel good in our skin. Any of us wants to feel useful, and the garden is the place where self-confidence grows.

Now perhaps you’re thinking how lucky are those who have a garden … If you do not have a garden just for yourself, does not mean you cannot enjoy a pleasure to care one. This can happen even if you live down the block, so that you can easily put “masters” on the garden around the building, if there is one. A final alternative is the balcony, you can turn into a real oasis. Nowadays, there is even a concept called square foot gardening, which claims that you can cultivate numerous plants, no matter how small your garden space is. All you have to do is calculate your garden’s area so that you know how many seeds to buy. You can calculate your garden’s area automatically on

If you love nature and you want to do something good for it and for yourself, definitely gardening is the best way to do that. To have an even more impressive front yard and get a flawless look for your home, you can also contact a professional driveways company and build a beautiful driveway for your car. Together with your garden, it will definitely achieve that beautiful, picturesque look that everybody loves.