A Handyman’s Tool Shed Essentials

Every man passionate about gardening and repairing or building things must equip his tool shed with the most useful tools that will help him complete any gardening or house chore. Some tools are a must-have in any home so if you consider yourself a handyman, make sure you include the following tools in your tool shed.

A router with a router table

At some point, you will need to build something from scratch or to strengthen an item that is starting to become shaky so you might want to consider having a router in the garage. You can use it to cut pieces of wood for furniture or for stuff you might need in the garden. To make the router fully functional, get a router table after you take a peek at http://routertable.reviews and analyze the most convenient choices available, like the SKIL RAS900 that is compatible with many router models. This sturdy steel unit will ensure safety in use even if you are not used to handling a power tool like the router. Thanks to all the accessories it comes with and the convenient storage containers, handling it will be a child’s play.

The Ego lawn mower

If you hate mowing the lawn but you are forced to do it because otherwise, your garden would turn into a jungle, you will be more than happy to discover that a lawn mower can reduce your effort to more than half. The Ego cordless electric mower could be an option if you want a small mower that is easy to handle and doesn’t create a lot of mess or noise. It has a 21-inches wide cutting path and an adjustable cutting deck to make sure your lawn will look impeccably. You will love how smoothly it can be maneuvered and how silent it is, not to mention the 3-in-1 discharge option.

The Snow Joe iON21SB snowblower

Similar to how mowing feels in the summer, removing the snow in the winter is another housework chore that seems like a torture. Imagine having to remove all the snow using a shovel or picture yourself pushing a powerful snow blower that takes care of the snow for you. Snow Joe iON21SB is a tool that takes away the hassle of removing snow with its powerful engine and auger that cut through the drifts of snow. Besides, the unit is very compact to ensure a smooth operating in snow drifts as tall as 23 inches.

Measuring tools

The must-have measuring tools all handymen need in their collection include – a tape measure, a metal ruler, and several squares. Regardless of the type of woodworking project or reparation project you take up, you need to make precision measurements. Even an inch counts in the end result, so you must be careful if you want to achieve perfection. These tools will come in handy in other situations around the house as well, so their presence is definitely mandatory.


Eventually, you will need to reach a high spot. Instead of standing on a chair and risking an injury by falling off of the unstable surface that was not actually meant for this type of use, you should use a ladder. Specially designed to help you reach high places in a safe manner and allowing you to adjust its height, it is a tool that must not miss from your shed. We recommend you go with an A-shape frame ladder as it is more stable.

Air compressor

Another must-have tool is the air compressor as it endorses multiple uses depending on the extra attachment you add. Among the common uses for this tool we have – painting, blowing up inflatables, cleaning, drilling, and so on. We recommend you go for a portable model as it is much more convenient to use, allowing you to change its location with ease. Considering you will use it either to inflate a tire or to paint a wall, meaning that you will make a lot of movement with it, it is important for its design to be as compact as possible.